Tumor Cytogenetics

Karyotyping is also widely used to detect chromosomal abnormalities in tumor patients, in particular in the course of the disease.

The type of clonality and the progression of the tumor action is required. Especially in diseases of the hematopoietic system and, in the case of leukemia, the FISH technique is commonly also brought in 's game for the markers for certain diseases even better to be able to differentiate.

This division is so very dependent on the experience of the laboratory and the diagnostician that at this point no recommendations are made and / or guidelines should be defined without the trade association integrate.

At this point, it should therefore only be noted that the range of cell culture media were optimized for this purpose and has been examined in detail in the routine.

Ready to use complete medium for removed by puncturing bone marrow cells. The special formula supports rapid growth of the cells.

Additional Info

  • Cat. No. MGM-100
  • Unit 100 ml

Additional Info

  • Cat. No. MFM-100
  • Unit 100 ml
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