Amnioquick Medium

Karyotyping is a common method of human genetic prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal detect anomalies of the fetus.

This fetal cells for signs of numerical (eg. As trisomy) and structural (eg. As deletion) chromosomes are anomalies investigated that correlate with enzyme defects, growth retardation or one of the more than 75 other known syndromes.

For this purpose (puncture of the amniotic sac) or chorionic villus sampling (tissue sample) are obtained by means of suitable cells amniocentesis, which ideally should not possible be contaminated with maternal cells to allow a clear unambiguous diagnosis.

In the cultivation of these fetal cells, it is important that you as soon as possible to many clones grow no cultural-artifacts (induced aberrations) have what could otherwise cause erroneous results.

You should also be of the type fibroblasts and epithelial cells no easier for subsequent processing as possible. Only in rare cases-where there is some reason always comes at no fibroblast growth, it makes sense that epithelial cells grow but time-shifted backward by the sample is not completely lose.

Amniocentesis is performed usually 14 to 20 weeks gestation, a biopsy may be already in the 9 ½ -12. Week of pregnancy can be performed.

For optimal growth of amniocytes and chorionic villi cells, the use of pre-tested complete media makes sense with properties that correspond to the previous claims. This applies to Amnioquick Medium.

It promotes rapid growth of fibroblasts and is therefore equivalent to the aforementioned characteristics very well. Amnioquick Medium is regularly tested by independent laboratories for cytogenetics.


Amnioquick Medium consists of a modified alpha-MEM supplemented with pre-tested fetal bovine serum (FBS), hormones, growth factors, L-glutamine and gentamycin.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete medium ready
  • Improved growth characteristics
  • Quick and clear results
  • Cell harvest between 7-10 days

With Amnioquick Cytogen provides a medium that meets the requirements of Directive 98/79/EC of the European Commission and fulfill CE IVD Product - labeling info. Each user must nevertheless be the medium prior to use in the Diagnostic routine check in their Environment (validate) to ensure that it is suitable under specific local conditions to do so.

Analysis and specificity

  • pH between 7.0 and 7.5
  • Amniotic fluid cell growth positive
  • Fibroblast / epithelial cells
  • Induced aberrations negative
  • Sterility tested / negative germs
  • Shelf life 18 months from date of manufacture

Transport and Storage

  • Frozen ≤ -18 ° C

Additional Info

  • Cat. No.: AQM-100
  • Unit: 100 ml
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